Neil Machin visit complete story
views of bm waters
On Friday 15th May we had Neil Machin, doing some photographs to promote Bag Em Matchbaits from peg 24 on the specimen lake, whilst at the same time on peg 23 Get Hooked on Fishing’s Hollie was doing some stuff for the Anglers Mail.
We thought it might be interesting to see just how different the photographs turned out.
1 Mix the baits
Mixing baitHollie
Both Hollie and Neil use cordless drills to get the groundbait thoroughly mixed. Neil used Red Reaper and Hollie Super Green; both products can be purchased from the shop at Border
2 Load the feeders
baitgreen bait
Neil opted for a standard cage feeder, with a 30cm hook length, Hollie used a method feeder and speed mould with a short 5cm tail. Both anglers clipped up their reels and then cast their feeders tight to the island, if no bite came within 5 minutes they simply recast, this means the feed is constantly being topped up
3 Fish on
caughtfish hooked
The anglers waited for the tip to go all the way round once this happens then they simply lifted into the fish, if you strike the bites then there is a good chance you will crack the hook off. Once the fish is on it depends on you as to how fast you want to land the fish, and as such how much strain you place on the rod. Neil and Hollie obviously wanted their fish in quickly, just look at those rods bending.
4 land the fish
landing fishhollie landing fish
5 pose for a picture
showing fishnet of fish
Neil, with all his angling experience feels happy holding the fish in free space, but Hollie decides to use the landing net just in case she drops the fish.
6 Finally, the catch shot
Neil Machin's catchHollie's catch m
The pictures speak volumes.
In all fairness Neil only fished for a couple of hours and Hollie fished for most of the day so the final catch shots are not a true reflection of the session, But I think it proves no matter what your age or ability, providing you get your preparation right the end results are pretty similar.