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February 5th 2007
My visit to Yatehouse Pool has come after three successive sub zero nights.On viewing the water decided on a peg that would give me the option of fishing tight to the island & reed bed & also in open water. I feed one line at 11m with 4-5 maggots every other put in, one line at 9m with 6-8 grains of hemp every 15 minutes, & a 3rd line at 12.5m by the island, this was fed with chopped worm & castor. I started on the maggot line at 11.00am which produced a small roach nearly every put in. Occasionally I'd try chopped worm by the island, this produced nothing until 1.30pm, which was a nice plump perch just topping the 2lb mark. after this I went onto my hemp line which produced a small roach every put in. Every now and again I'd drop in on the island line but this didn't turn up any more fish.

I finished at 3.00pm with a small net full of roach, nothing over 2oz, but a good quality perch made up for this.

Steve Brown Yatehouse Pool 5th February 2007

February 2005 Yatehouse Pool

New member Pete Boyle from Warrington was keen to use his new club card and his first port of call was Yatehouse Pool on a freezing cold February day. Pete had a nice Roach on his first put in using float fished maggot. Over the next couple of hours he managed another ten decent Roach and Perch. On his way back he decided to call at Primrose Pool and using similar tactics had a bite every chuck from Roach, Skimmers and Crucian Carp. As Pete himself has said, not bad for a freezing cold February day.