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September 2010

Nash Fishery Road Show

Baymalton Angling Club have the Nash Fishery Road Show at Baymalton Border Fishery's Stacey Pool on Saturday & Sunday 4th & 5th September pegs to be closed 1 to 9 & 27 to 31 all members & none members are welcome.

August 2010

Competition final

On Friday 20th August the Border complex will be closed for the Combined Emergency Services youth fishing Competition final, with 200 juniors fishing. We wish them tight lines!

26th July 2010

Facebook… again!

We would like members to post all their news, comments, tips etc. on our facebook page while the new website is under development.

19th July 2010

New website in the pipeline!

We have recently been discussing a new website with one of our members who happens to work as as a creative web designer. Keep an eye on the site as it will be getting a dramatic overhaul in the next few months!

19th July 2010

facebook iconFacebook

We would like to welcome members to join our Facebook page and share your pictures and water reports with us, along with any other useful information you have, tactics, baits used etc.

January 2010

Membership renewal

It is approaching the time of year for your membership renewal which should be done by the end of February. You can renew in the following ways: on line, go to the join the club page. By post or if you visit Border Fisheries you can renew in person. Make sure you take, at least, your renewal page from your club book and some cash or a cheque.

June 21st 2010

Thornhills closure

Thornhills fishery closed on Saturday 26th June 2010 from 9am until 1pm to enable us to complete some weed clearance and repairs to the water. The water will re-open at 1.01pm on Sat 26th but remember to be away from this water before the gates are locked which is when the nursery shuts. Robert Campbell

8th June 2010

Harry Gould

Harry Gould with a Mirror Carp caught at Border
Photo of my dad, Harry Gould 84yrs, with fine 15lb Mirror carp taken on poled double red maggot Friday 5th June Peg 10 Specimen Lake Border complex.
Not bad for 84yrs...lets hope we are all stll catching in our eighties...
Ashley Gould

May 30th 2010

Bollin netting

Its that time of year yet again. The Environment Agency has done its bi-annual survey of the river Bollin at Bowden.  This time, though  plenty of small fish, gudgeon and the like, no chub or trout   Though to be fair, the team did explain that recent health and safety rules has made it so that the bases of the nets laid at the head and tail of the area to be netted were free to allow fish to escape under them.  Anyway I know there are large trout and Chub in the river so does Ernie and woe betide anyone who disagrees with us.  Come on - lets do our own survey with rod and flies.  There's plenty of room for all.
Ni Rogers - GFO and Bailiff
EA netting the BollinEA netting the BollinElectro netting the Bollin
May 29th 2010

Ashley report

I recently visited Ashley and was asked by Nigel the Bailiff to raise a water report (date 20/05/10). This was my 3rd visit to the pool and as yet I have not seen a fish caught, I made excuses for the cold weather earlier in the year and there was a working party the day before I fished on the first visit, but everything was conducive to catching last Thursday. more on Ashley Pool reports

May 26th 2010

Recent Brookbank work parties

Work parties have been at Brookbank over the last two weekends and you can find a few words and images of their efforts on head waterkeeper work parties

May 25th 2010

Membership away

The person who deals with membership will be away from 25th May until 3rd June and during this time no applications will be processed but if you want to renew, or join quickly, you can always do so at Border Fisheries.

May 24th 2010

Ashley Hall

On Saturday 22 May myself and the Head and Assistant Head Bailiff visited Ashley Hall Pool, and whilst standing quietly on the bank saw plenty of signs of small fish and caught sight of the occasional large carp basking under lily pads.  So it would appear at first glance that what happened last year was due to the fact that the pool had overstocked itself, and hopefully should return to normal and weather permitting (no more mini 'heatwaves') we can hope for no further losses on the scale of the last one.
Ni Rogers - Chair & Bailiff

May 23nd 2010

Tropical fish tank and base plus accessories for sale

Fish tank measures: 92cm long, 32cm wide, 38.5cm high. Stand is 50.5cm high. Accessories include: lights, heater, filters, pumps, aerators and lots of bits and pieces. Can be seen Altrincham area. Only £65.00. Phone: 07923287304 anytime.

May 20th 2010

Junior and Club Mark presentations

Garbolino general manager Darren Cox was the guest of honour at Bay Malton Border Fisheries junior presentation event. Throughout the day Darren was on hand to answer club member’s questions and pass on angling tips as well as to present some of the trophies in the evening.
Bay Malton AC is one of the most progressive angling clubs in the country and in recognition of their ongoing commitment to angling development they were presented the full story here

May 18th 2010

Further closure at Brookbank

Brookbank Pool closed again for improvements on Saturday 22nd May between 6am and 3pm, open after 3pm.
Good catch reports at Valley Pool, Merrydale, Valley Pool, Brookhouse farm pool and Lymm Dam; Ashley Pool very poor at present due to algae problem - thanks to the members who keep sending their reports in - Robert Campbell

May 13th 2010

Brookbank closure

Brookbank pool closed for improvements on Saturday 15th May - we will be working in and around this pool on Saturday, if any members are interested in joining the water management team for the day please phone me after 5.00 pm in the week on 0789 539 2886 - it's worth it for Malc's cooking on the bank, no fish on the menu just bacon, eggs and burgers!! - Robert Campbell

May 8th 2010

Work at Ashley and Merrydale

The water management team have been hard at work on the above pools fitting in with an ever increasing amount of work as the club expands. They could do with more volunteers!
If every member of the club gave up just one day in the year (I know it is not going to happen) this would mean that much more would get done. See if you can give up that one day and contact the head water keeper. You can see images of the work done on head water keeper work parties.

May 4th 2010

Cormorant defences

We built 5 Anti-Cormorant protection cages at Lymm Dam on Saturday 24th April. Andy and Ian from the Environment Agency showed the water management team how to build the cages assisted by Elaine one of the Lymm Rangers.
We built the cages using strong wire mesh and tied on plastic mesh over the top, inserted wood brash and connected up 4 cages into a pyramid shape to form 1 Anti-Cormorant protection cage.
The cages were put on the E.A. boat and then motored out to the centre of Lymm Dam. Full story on water keeper work parties.

May 2nd 2010

Kieron Rich coaching

Kieron Rich coaching sessionKieron Rich coaching session catch
Hi to all members, today 30/04/2010 I spent some time fishing peg 6 on the specimen lake at Border trying my best to get a few silvers up the water, whilst peg 4 was occupied by my good mate and Daiwa consultant Kieron Rich.
Kieron was coaching BMAC member Darren Oakley in a one to one session focusing on the pole. Despite frankly nasty weather conditions Darren enjoyed the day, learning many new methods and tactics. It really was a pleasure to see Darren land fish after fish under Kieron’s guidance and for me to once sit back and watch another coach at work. I have included a couple of pictures from the day to show the result of Darren’s efforts and Kieron assures me he will be only to happy to take booking from any additional BMAC members. I have asked our website administrator to include a link to Kieron’s website so that members can book a session if they wish.
Oh and Darren well done mate you had a great net of fish from a normally slow peg and you stuck at it far longer than me once the rain really kicked in. Nice one Kieron too! Top coaching from a top angler I look forward to seeing you on the fishery soon mate.
Members may also like to know they can see Kieron and myself fishing the specimen lake at in the first episode of the series “Get Hooked on fishing” that we filmed last year. Future episodes include Darren Cox on Stacys and Jamie Masson on Gibbos both will be online soon.
Dave Smith this is Kierons website and members can book sessions with Kieron via here.

April 29th 2010

Kellogs Wrexham

The Baymalton Angling Club's Border fisheries Match Lake wakes up the
boys from Kellogs Wrexham.
Monday Morning 26th April saw the Lads from Kellogs Wrexham turn up for one of the matches booked on the Match lake. more on Border match results April

April 27th 2010

Junior matches 2010

Bay Malton junior matches start on May 8th. Full details are on the junior events page.

April 26th 2010

Junior Diary dates

You will find a number of junior diary dates on the junior events page.

April 24th 2010

River Bollin Rainbow, Bowden

Rainboe Trout from the River Bollin
I would like to report that over the last two days this stretch has been extremely "productive".  Both Chris and Paul Gibbon have caught several trout on the upper reaches of our stretch of this very challenging river.   On Thursday a delighted Paul successfully caught no less that three Rainbow - yes that was Rainbow and a photo was produced to prove at least one of them - these fish were about the two to two and a half pound mark. On Friday Chris was fishing the same piece of water with a return of one Brown and a couple of Rainbow.  All fish fell to nymphs.
We continue to sing the praises of this little river which despite the number and variety of fish to be caught here it could still stand a few more visitors, as could its tributary the Birkin Brook.  Come on you Game Fishers the fish ARE here it is just a matter of catching them.
Ni Rogers, Chair and Game Fishery Officer

April 19th 2010

Thornhill closure

Members catching Carp and Barbel at Thornhills - Please note this water will close at 5.00 pm on Tuesday 20th April to enable us to de-weed the pool.   Robert Campbell

April 14th 2010

Lymm Dam Pike

Pike from Lymm Dam caught by Glyn Morris
Caught 13/04/2010 at Lymm Dam by Glyn Morris (jammy). Approx 8lb Pike on pole using 3lb line, 16's hook, triple red maggot.

April 12th 2010

Closed season

A few BMAC waters, clearly marked in the club book, have a closed seaon which some members are not complying with. Where a water is closed would members please not fish there. Thanks.

April 12th 2010

Repair work at Ashley

Ashley Hall Pool will be closed for repair work on Saturday 17th April - enjoy your angling on our other waters. Robert Campbell (Head waterkeeper)

April 10th 2010

New Water - Grange Fishery

Car park at Grange FisheryWe have held more work parties at Grange Pool putting in a toilet screen and completing the car park. The fencing has been improved, new internal gate erected and more planting around the pool.
Grange pool is now open for the members and I am sure you will enjoy angling on this new water. Don't forget check the fishery rules before you arrive, send us your reports and fill in your catch returns.
Robert Campbell

Image shows the car park at Grange

April 10th 2010

Brookhouse Pool

Thinning branches at Brookhouse
This water keeps improving every year.We recently held a work party cutting down overlapping branches to help with casting. Checked out and maintained the stages where needed and some more planting around the pool. Good reports of quality Chub, bream, roach, carp and perch being caught.

April 8th 2010

New video

There is a new video on for Thornhills Fishery - if you type in the search section of the (youtube) website - Angling + Goostrey - this will locate the video or in copy and paste the below link "

April 8th 2010

Work at Merrydale

There will be a work party on Merrydale Pool on Saturday morning 10th April for repairs and the water will be closed for this short period

March 27th 2010

New Carp for Lymm Dam

Last weekend saw a stocking of Common and Mirror Carp at Lymm Dam. Weights of the introduced fish varied from 22lb to 32lb
New stock at Lymm DamNew stockNew Carp stock out of Lymm DAm
March 23rd 2010


On Saturday 20th March. The water management team spent a wet morning at Thornhills Fishery. Making some final improvements before the opening of the water on the 31st March. The pegs now have a good dry surface. The planting of bushes and flowers should in time make for very pleasant surroundings This looks a very promising pond.
Robert CampbellFilling the pegsLevelling the pegPreparing the postsFixing the club signWater team members

Images from left to right

Robbert Campbell New head water keeper. Filling pegs with rubber chippings. Levelling of pegs. Preparing posts for club sign. Fixing club sign. Some members of water management team.

March 17th 2010

2.6 miles of the River Ribble

Good News! The Committee of the Baymalton Angling Club have successfully tendered for 2.6 miles of the River Ribble at Preston. More details to follow. This stretch, noted for its Barbel and Game fishing, will be open for members to fish in June.  

March 17th 2010

Gold award for BMAC

The Baymalton Angling club has been awarded the Gold award by The British Disabled Anglers Association for the top class facilities at Baymalton Border Fisheries. The award is for the high standards and exceptional disabled access to our waters at this complex.

March 10th 2010

Save money on Fisheazy products with this code: BMFE1.

Introducing the Fisheazy Autorest, which can be seen and purchased at The product was recently launched at The Big One at Farnborough Airfield, and is receiving rave reviews from anglers of all abilities, as well as the fishing media! The Fisheazy Autorest helps anglers to enjoy their pole fishing by:
* Enabling precision placement of the float and pole tip
* Making pole angling safer - reducing the need to lean over the water to adjust a bank-stick.
* Allowing amateur anglers to achieve professional levels of precision in the placement of float and pole tip.
* Making it far quicker to set the pole tip position. Whenever an angler shortens or lengthens his pole, or changes the angle of the pole, the Fisheazy Autorest allows the perfect tip position to be found in seconds.
* Avoiding the need to lean out over the water, (the autorest ensures that anglers suffer fewer losses of items such as glasses, mobil phones..etc)
* Giving the pole angler far greater control over his or her fishing. By enabling pole position to be changed quickly and easily, the Fisheazy puts the angler in control
* Allowing greater control (the Fisheazy Autorest allows anglers to gain the same precision that professional anglers obtain with expensive equipment without the need to buy the most expensive poles)
* Protecting backs: Pole fishing can be damaging to backs - the autorest minimises this damage. It reduces potential back damage and helps people with existing back problems to enjoy their fishing.
* Increasing fishing time: By minimising the "down time" spent adjusting pole position, the autorest allows anglers to get the most out of their angling.
Here are some of the comments we have received following the launch of The Fisheazy Autorest:
"At last, I can start fishing again!"
"A brilliant product to protect the backs of anglers young and old"
"Wow! I expected it to be well over £100!"
"This will be the 'must have' product for pole anglers in 2010!"

March 6th 2010

Dane Chub

Pictures of some of the Chub that my son, Jack and I have been catching on the last few months. Most were caught on either cheese paste or bread flake. Even when the river was running very high I managed to find some slack water and get one. The Chub we have been catching have ranged from 3 ½ Ib to the best at 4lb 8oz.
Paul Phillips
Dane Winter ChubJacks dad with a ChubChub from the River Dane
March 6th 2010

Neil wants advice

Hi all,
Thinking of dusting down the fly rods, and fancied having a session on Mitchells. Has anyone fished it or could give me some hints/methods etc.
Been a couple of years since wetting a fly line so appreciate any info anyones got.

February 5th 2010

Snowy Birkin

snow covered Birkin
Not sure who provided this picture of a recent snow covered River BIrkin but they obviously enjoyed it. When you send an image in provide a few details and take some credit.

February 2nd 2010

New head waterkeeper

Introducing myself, Robert Campbell as the new Head Water Keeper, it will be a hard act to follow Ernie Shufflebotham, but I am looking forward to working alongside Ernie to develop our waters and to maintain the high standards set. Welcome to existing members and new members and I hope you will enjoy our angling facilities and....full story on head waterkeeper

January 30th 2010

E.A. bailiffs

In my travels, a visit to a trout fishery near Bolton, I was informed by a friend that he was fishing a river the other day at a point that must have been at least one and a half miles from the nearest road when he was approached by a EA Bailiff and asked for his licence. Having produced the said document he got into conversation with the Bailiff to find that they have a real crack down at the moment, so a word of warning - and in my capacity as a Club Bailiff could I advise that licences should be carried at all times when fishing and that failure to do so could end up being extremely painfull, not to mention pricey.
Please continue to enjoy your fishing.
Nigel Rogers

January 29th 2010

New chairman

Hope all went well over the festive season and I hope we can all look forward to a prosperous New Year.  For those of you who are new to us - WELCOME - TO THE REST OF US WELCOME BACK.  Some news that may not have reached all of you is that my name appears on the Committee twice, which makes a total of three hats, that of Chairman (or is it Person) Game Fishery Officer and Bailiff.  Apart from bringing these few facts to you notice the reason for me to thump 7 bells out of this keyboard was to ask all the Fly people out there if they could contact me and give me a way of getting any up to date news or developments to you - preferably by e-mail.  I know that some of you do not have access to computers so to those I would say feel free to use my mobile number.
The Environment Agency are involved in building Salmon Ladders along the length of the Bollin and I can assure you they wouldn't be doing that unless we had the fish in the river.  Ernie has seen them at the mill weir a Warburton and you can call him a liar at your own risk (not to mention getting used to a high pitched voice - yours not Ernies).  I have very reliable reports of extremely large trout in the Birkin, by all accounts 8 or 9 pounders, now that would be fun especially in a narrow brook such as the Birkin.  Not so long back one of our regulars on the Bolin caught a small but beautifully formed Grayling - We have them all, all that is required is the start of a new season.
Tight Lines
Nigel Rogers

January 26th 2010

Day ticket success

Hi Guys
Chris Hartley with his first PIke
Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for having day tickets to Lymm Dam, had a great time with my son on Saturday 23rd Jan.
We have never fished there before, but we arrived about 9am, bit late I know, the bailiffs were there, asked them about the water and could they suggest where we might get a chance of catching some pike. Very helpful guys, never got names sorry, they gave us some pointers, so off we went.
We moved a couple of times to different spots as being mobile we got told is best and it certainly worked. As 1pm came, my float started to move very slowly, so gave it a few seconds, then struck and sure enough had my first ever pike on the end, it was Just over 11lb have included a picture of it for you. Caught it on the left side of the water by a little inlet, where the bailiff said we should try, so a big thanks to them.  Had on a half mackerel straight on the bottom, depth of float was set to around 8 to 10 feet, it was the only fish of the day, but it was well worth it.
Thanks again
Chris Hartley

January10th 2010

Angling development centre

Bay Malton angling development cetre
The Bay Malton Angling Club has now officially opened its “Angling Development Centre”, aimed at promoting junior angling from its Border Fishery site near Crewe Cheshire.
Bay Malton AC who are awaiting the award of their Clubmark certification work in partnership with Dave Smiths “Get Hooked on Fishing Border scheme” at their Border site, from where over the past two and a half years they have jointly delivered over 2000 junior coaching sessions.  The Angling Development Centre will not only see this delivery continue, but additionally have the backing of three major companies from the angling world.
Dave explained, “ From day one we have worked closely with the Environment Agency and this partnership has now been strengthened by the addition of “Bag Em Matchbaits”, “Garbolino” and “Nash”, all of whom have all given a commitment to assist with the on site delivery. This means we will see consultants, representatives and products from all three companies on site for events during the year, allowing our junior members to get up close and personal with the stars of our sport, picking up hints and tips, which can only help to improve their angling. All three companies have continually given an amazing amount of support to our Get Hooked scheme and having them officially involved with the initiative gives us a solid foundation to develop upon.”
Bay Malton AC is also facilitating the corporate trio with the free use of the Border site, for promotional or corporate events. BMAC secretary Stewart Godber explained, “We really appreciate the support being offered to us by the angling trade, to have them involved with our site is extremely prestigious. Moreover corporate events will bring cutting edge angling products onto the site and as such to all our club members. This symbiosis can only strengthen the delivery we already provide for our young anglers, we cannot imagine a better way of ensure the ongoing success of both BMAC and GHOF.”
Additional pic.
Mick letting us know what he really wanted to give Kevin for Christmas, by the way Kev recently won the National Victor Meldrew lookalike award.
Mick and Kevin
January 7th 2010

Thanks for the fly hook information

Thanks to all the members who emailed me with advice. It shows we have a healthy and friendly club where the members are there for one another.

January 3rd 2010

Ready tied barbless fly hooks

Happy new year to all members
This year I hope to try fly fishing for the first time. However I'm haying difficulty finding ready tied flys on barbless hooks, in order to comply with club rules. I would be grateful for any info on where to obtain these.
Thanks in anticipation Mel Betts

January 1st 2010

New decade

At the start of a new decade I hope the future will be happy and fruitful for all of you. Most of 2009 news has been moved to the archive which is there for you to reference anything that has been said during the past year.

December 21st 2009

Postponed junior match

Due to the sudden snap of cold weather, we have decided to postpone the final Junior match and presentation event until the New Year. We felt it would be to risky to set a date for the match and then to find the water Frozen over and all involved to have had a wasted visit.
We will also be having the official opening of the BMAC Angling Development Centre on the 7th Jan 2010 to which all members are welcome.