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Border Match Results

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Most recent 10 matches…

Tuesday 27th June The Cafe Evening Match The Match Lake

  1. Simon Symcox peg 2 40lbs 9oz
  2. Chris Taylor peg 32 21lbs peg 32 21lbs 3oz
  3. Phil Skerratt peg 6 19lbs 15oz
  4. Connor Edwards peg 31 17lbs 8oz

BMAC 25th June 2017 The Match Lake

  1. P Burne peg 6 54lbs 14oz carp
  2. P Scarratt peg 4 46lbs 11oz
  3. Dave Hall peg 16 31lbs 9oz
  4. Dave Gore peg 18 21lbs 15oz

Saturday 24th June 2017 The Derek Spruce Macmillan Match Specimen lake & Match Lake

  1. Darren Oliver peg 24 91lbs 7oz carp Specimen Lake
  2. Boby Tomkinson peg 18 68lbs 4oz carp Specimen Lake
  3. Paul Thompson peg 22 67lbs 10oz Specimen Lake
  4. Phil Scarratt peg 25 44lbs 2oz Specimen Lake

Thursday 22nd June BMAC The Match Lake

  1. Dave Hall peg 24 85lbs 4oz carp
  2. Fran Robinson peg 32 77lbs 11oz carp
  3. P Tomlinson peg 31 50lbs 1oz carp
  4. Nole Farmer peg 36 38lbs 40z

Tuesday 20th June 2017 Cafe Evening Match The Match Lake

  1. S Symcox peg 26 49lbs 3oz
  2. J Spruce peg 1 28lbs 2oz
  3. A Furnival peg 10 25lbs 14oz
  4. C Edwards peg 28 20lbs 7oz

Sunday 18th June 2017 Don Bur The Match Lake

  1. M Night peg 47 62lbs 8oz
  2. L Perry peg 35 55lbs
  3. D Night peg 42 28lbs 8oz
  4. D Gratage peg 45 20lbs 7oz

Sunday 18th June 2017 Altrincham D A C The Meridian Canal

  1. S Leif 21lbs 14oz
  2. L Jennings 19lbs 7oz
  3. J Appleby 16lbs 4oz

Sunday 18th June 2017 Irlam R B L The Match Lake

  1. A Bates peg 12 70lbs 6oz
  2. N Barnton peg 60lbs 12oz
  3. D Gloave peg 43lbs 15oz
  4. A Cordinaley peg 17 26lbs 3oz

Sunday 18th June 2017 Vic Biddulph AC The Meridian Canal

  1. S Lower peg 7 43lbs 9oz
  2. P Sproson peg 2 43lbs 1oz
  3. G Fox peg 11 23lbs 1oz
  4. D Brown peg 21 21lbs 7oz

Saturday 17th June 2017 D.H.L. The Match Lake

  1. Eddy Devin peg 9 38lbs 8oz
  2. A Bramer peg 13 18lbs
  3. P Hulme peg 2716lbs 2oz