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Border Office Telephone

Telephone Service at Border Fisheries

As a result of an irreversible and highly unusual mistake a few weeks ago at the company we use to provide a telecommunications service at Border Fisheries, it has become necessary make a change to the network system that supplies Border.  The company is actively working on the change with BT and expects the work to be complete within about a week.  During this period it will not be possible to telephone the office at Border Fisheries.

The simplest way to communicate with the club members working in the office during this period is to send an email to

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Alternatively Stewart Godber’s telephone number is in the Membership Card

We will advise members if anything changes as soon as we are aware.


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Membership Payments

Several hundred people have now paid their subscriptions for 2017 – thanks - and just to make life interesting Barclay’s Bank have recently advised us that they will in future refuse to accept any cheques that have BMAC as their payee.  A significant number of the people who pay by cheque use this style.

If you are going to pay by cheque please make sure you use


as the payee on cheques in future.

If you pay by Paypal using the online form you should receive an email from Paypal confirming that payment has been processed.  Under certain somewhat obscure and infrequent circumstances and as far as we can tell as a result of something Paypal has done, this email isn’t sent.  If you believe you have paid by Paypal and do not receive a confirmation email after two hours, please let us know by emailing

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

or by calling 01270820812 Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 and 13:00

with your contact details and we will check whether the money has been received and advise you.

Many Thanks
Dave Grosvenor

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Clares Pool Opens 1st March 2017

Moss Lane, Moore, Warrington

Post Code WA4 6UZ

Opens 1st March 2017

Clare’s Pool is an attractive water, that has good parking nearby and is easy to get to. It could be best described as a small pond with only six pegs it feels very spacious. The surroundings, arable fields, are attractive and provide an away from it all days fishing.

Clare’s pool as just had a recent stocking of Chub, Tench and Crucian Carp.

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New waters from 1st January 2017

Bay Malton A.C announce access to two established pools at Dunham Fisheries

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River Dane Trout 2016

I would love to share this photo with you of a massive 9lb 15oz brown
trout that i caught on the River Dane on fri 15th of july. I was fishing for barbel
on the manor farm stretch with a feeder full of ground bait and a hair rigged worm.
It is by far the biggest trout I have caught and it was really good to see it go back
after a 20 to 30 minute rest in the net. I didn’t catch any barbel by the way but as
you can imagine this fish more than made up for it.

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