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2021 News Letter


Baymalton Angling Club News Letter 2021

its with grate sadness that I had to announce the passing away of Herby Wilkinson our clubs Treasurer condolences to his family RIP.

Over the next two years we are going to make changes to the way the finances of the club are drown together in 2022 The Match Lake From April 2022 to October there will be 22 Sundays where pegs will be available for members to use.
In 2023 there will be no Sunday outside match booking on the match lake, apart from our own members match which will be run between the match Lake & the Meridian Canal I do hope these members matches get supported by our members.
The revenue from the Sunday matches is used to support the running of the club and the maintenances of all our waters.
This money has to be replaced and the only way we can do this is to in cress the membership fees in 2023 to £110.00 senior members .

Like most angling clubs the last 2 years have been very difficult with the covid-19 outbreak and all the restriction put in place Cafe being closed no matches, and apart from membership no revenue coming in from the shop or Match Bookings in 2020.                     
I would like to thank all our landlords for understanding the position this put our club in and eventually all water rents were paid.
2022 will see some rent increase as all rent increases for 2021 were put on hold while the lock down was on.
I would like to thank all the members that supported by renewing there membership before the end of February, unfortunately some members missed out and have gone on to a waiting list for 2022.
We are expecting that in 2022 50% of our waters will incur 20% VAT tax.rise + some rent increases.

Also I would like the thank Allan & Matt Beisty for all there hard work looking after our club waters
also Mick & Rob for all the time they put in at Border Fisheries Maintaining your club waters.
Work carried out new staging on Brook House pool maintenance on Thornhills Pool work to be carried on Merry Dale pool maintenance on Bradley Hall.
And work to be carried out on Thornhills Fishery.
2022 will see an increase in water rents and all the materials used in the maintenance of our waters.
As most members will recognize the Baymalton Angling club spends a lot of time and money maintenance your waters this work must continue in 2022 to maintain the quality of our club waters
A big thanks to Alan & Matt for all the time they has put in replacing the stages at Brook House pool

Work to be carried out new disabled staging on Gibbos pool.
New staging on Thornhills Fishery and tree cutting back.

Stocking for 2022
Well we will start with Tench being stocked in to Brook House Pool Bradley Hall & Tench & Crucian carp in to Merry Dale Pool.
The Price of tench, The price of 2lbs + tench is approx £12.00 to £14.00 per lbs and we have to be looking for 2lbs + fish thats if we can get them at that size.
If we take account of all the rent increase and the cost of materials needed for maintenance of our waters, the overheads for the running of the club in 2022 will be approx £145,000.00.
And the membership has a cap of 1500 with approx 251on the waiting list for 2022.
We will be opening the club for membership renewals on the 1st December 2021 renewals only.
From the 1st of March 2022 new members on the waiting list will be invited to become members of the club.
We advise all existing members to renew before the 28th Of February as any memberships not taken up by that date will be released to new members on the waiting list.

Unfortunately membership fees will have to increase in 2022 to keep pace with all the rent increases and I still think this club gives excellent value for money at £1.82 per week

Membership Fees for 2022
Senior Renewal Memberships 18 + £95.00 per Year

Juniors Membership 15 to 17 Years £20.00 per Year 
Juniors under 14 Years No fee, must have their name added to a senior members club card by the Border office.
From the 1st of March 2022
New Senior Members £95.00 + £15.00 E/Fee £110.00

Membership Fees 2023
Senior Membership Renewals £110.00
New members fees not set to date
Juniors Membership 15 to 17 Years £20.00 per Year 
Juniors under 14 Years No fee, must have their name added to a senior members club card by the Border office.