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25/10/2020 COVID 19 Angling Trust


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Now that we are back fishing again, we are regularly updating our guidelines to anglers, clubs, fisheries, coaches and other angling organisations to ensure fishing complies with the latest Government guidance during the Covid-19 epidemic. Please choose an option below to read guidelines that are relevant to you.

UPDATE – On October 14, the Government introduced a new three tier system of Covid restrictions. Fishing and outdoor sports remain accepted by the Government as low risk activities and can largely continue within the new regulations in all the three tiers. However, there has been some tightening of the restrictions and the government discourages travel into and out of the Tier 3, Very High, alert level areas. As anglers we have an individual responsibility to fish safely, to adhere strictly to the rules and to follow the appropriate guidance for travel in the various areas.

For advice and further restrictions on local lockdowns, please see the latest Government guidance.


The Angling Trust has argued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that in line with scientific evidence, outdoor individual sports or pastimes, where social distancing is practiced, are a safe and beneficial means for individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing during this difficult time.

We are disappointed that the Welsh Government’s “fire break” which will run from 6pm Friday 23rd October until Monday 9th November now limits access to practical participation in angling and for many other beneficial outdoor activities where essential equipment is required.
Angling remains a permitted activity, albeit with onerous conditions, and anglers can participate for as long as they wish provided they can walk or cycle to the water and their session starts and ends at home. Whilst we consider this an unnecessary constraint on a safe and beneficial activity during this ‘fire break’ we are asking anglers to follow the Welsh Government guidance and respect the travel restrictions.

For advice on fishing in Wales during Covid-19 restrictions visit our Fishing In Wales website.

LAST UPDATED: 21/10/20