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Angling Trust Grant Awarded

Angling Improvement Fund - Round 1 (2018-19)
Award Offer Letter
Dear Mr. Grosvenor
We are delighted to inform you that, subject to compliance with the
requests in this letter, the Angling Trust has agreed to award Bay Malton
Angling Club a grant of £5,000 towards a total project cost of £10,060
for the project titled Match Lake Repairs.
Members, please note the Match Lake will be closed during the week when the work commences this winter so as to complete the project on time. Thank you for your cooperation during this period.
On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank the Angling Trust for this grant towards the cost of replacing all the pegs and boards on the Match Lake at Border Fisheries.
Dave Grosvenor
Bay Malton Angling Club.