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Burt Baits now stocked in the shop

Burt Baits now stocked in the shop
Ground Bait
Expender               £4.00 per bag
Chocolate Orange     £4.00 per bag  
F1 Sweet Carp         £4.00 per bag
Green Glow           £4.90 peg bag  
Black Betaine         £4.00 peg bag
Krill                   £4.00 per bag  
Natural Bream Red   £4.00 per bag
Red Glow             £4.90 per bag  
Sweet corn             £4.00 per bag
Bright side             £4.00 per bag
Hooker & Hair Expander Pellets
All £3.30 per tub
Snow Ball Hookers 6m
Scopex hookers 6m    
Coconut Hookers 6m  
Crab Hookers 6m      
Expenders 4m 6m   £2.00 per bag
Sweet Corn 6m           £5.00 per bag  
Winter White 6m         £5.00 per bag              
Feeder pellets 2m 4m 6m 8m £2.50 per bag
Pineapple Dye £4.00 per bottle