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Border Cafe Closed

The Cafe at Border will be closed from Friday 13th of September 19 at 10.30am and will re-open Tuesday 17th of September 19 at 8am

Meat Ban

Border Fishery’s

As from the 1st of October meat will be banned untill the 1st of April.
It can be used as hook bait only NO FEEDING

Border Fisheries.

The Lease

There are a number of members coming in to the office at Border fisheries telling me that they have been told that the club will NOT have this fishery next year.

To stop all rumours a new leas has been agreed with Mr Glover (The Landowner ) to take our club forward so we can make a long term investment in the fishery.

Stewart Godber

Club Secretary


Border Cafe

The Cafe will be closed Sunday 25th & Monday 26th August 2019

Car stickers

Members Please Note.
There are an increasing number of members not Displaying there car stickers In there vehcles when fishing Club waters. This is to keep your water safe from people Poaching your waters.

Thorne Hills Fishery

The Main Gate

Members please note that if the maine eleectric gate is locked when you arrive or leave it MUST BE KEPT CLOSED
Thank you

Goose Green Fishery

Is now open for members to fish members to fish 7 days a week

Bradeley Hall Pool

Night fishing allowed for a trial period from April 2019.

Goose Green Fishery 2019

New lake opens spring 2019. This will now mean 4 lakes are available to members for fishing and all restrictions during the summer months at weekends will now be lifted.

On the Dane with Andy May

Watch Andy May fishing the River Dane at Holmes Chapel 2016 on one of Bay Maltons stretches.
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River Dane Trout 2016

I would love to share this photo with you of a massive 9lb 15oz brown
trout that i caught on the River Dane on fri 15th of july. I was fishing for barbel
on the manor farm stretch with a feeder full of ground bait and a hair rigged worm.
It is by far the biggest trout I have caught and it was really good to see it go back
after a 20 to 30 minute rest in the net. I didn’t catch any barbel by the way but as
you can imagine this fish more than made up for it.

Dovehouse Pool Tench 2016

A Dovehouse Pool Tench around the 6lb mark caught June 2016

River Dane Barbel 2016

River Dane Barbel