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Important update

July News update
Due to increasing costs and a trend in membership, the Committee has decided to abolish certain classes of membership. Over the next two years, we will be working towards 2 classes of membership only.

Anyone who joins the club in 2019 will automatically pay the Adult membership price of £80.00

This means that O.A.P and disabled memberships will no longer exist anymore. Any member falling into these classes now will increase in two stages of £15.00 per year.
Guest Tickets from 1st January 2019
All Guest tickets will be £7.00 per day.
We are sorry for having to do this but feel if we don’t act now then by 2020 the club will no longer be able to afford all of your waters and will have to let some of them go.

On a good note though, since the £15000 investment of the new fish to the club waters this year. The club has seen a vast improvement to the catches of fish been reported by the members on all of the waters.
Bradley pool opened up in April and although it is fishing hard the water will become popular with our members. Arrangements are in place for more silverfish to be introduced to this water around November time.
Grange pool update
The owner as informed me that work is taking place to sort the situation out. The insurance company as had a company working on sorting the water quality out and as given the go-ahead to say it is ok.
An outlet pipe is to be installed to sort the drainage problems out. Work is then going to be done to sort around the pool, car parking area and driveway.
The owner currently as a claim going on with the insurance company for his fish loss etc, so hopefully this will soon be sorted later on this year.
Despite all the rumors the club as not walked away from this water, I am constantly down there working with the owner to resolve this problem and when it is sorted out we will be opening the water back up.
Dennis Deakin as decided to retire from his role as water maintenance officer due to health reasons. I would like to thank Dennis on behalf of myself and the club for all the hard work he as done for the club and I am sure we will see him knocking about fishing on the waters.

Dave Grosvenor