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Border Fisheries Complex


The Border Fisheries complex will provide fishing to suit any style or liking. Big specimen fish to small silver fish and everything in between. The views above are of the Specimen Pool and the Meridian Canal. There are a further six waters to fish on this complex which means that you could fish it forever and still not grow tired. Border is also an Ideal venue for other organizations to book a match.

Border is a safe environment Ideal for all the family. Toilet, shop and catering facilities plus Bay Malton people on site all day to look after things. Ample car parking and a good venue for disabled anglers.

This is family fishing at its best. Whilst Bay Malton do run matches at Border there is plenty of room for everyone.

Entry to the complex is via a combination lock, in which the code can be found in your club card. Also, you must read the rules that apply to Border.

The Pools

Three Islands Pool

Is 28 peg water with good access and car parking. Well stocked with Roach, Rudd, Chub, Perch, Carp, Bream, Barbel and Golden Tench. There are three well-developed islands, which have been planted out with reeds and lilies to fish to.
Three islands pool is good winter water with lots of good quality Roach Bream and Chub to caster maggot and 4m pellets.
Try down the edge with meat or past for good size Barbel

The Meridian Canal

Is a 64-peg match venue and is a perfect circle with a good pathway all around it.
Well-suited for a 14m pole angler and is 13m across with a far shelf to fish to.
This water has been restocked in 2014 with 3500 common and mirror carp. In 2018 a further 1000 F1’S were also put in this water. It also holds a very good head of Roach, Rudd with the odd Barbel and Tench to 5lbs. Some specimen Perch to 4lbs+ and some good Bream.
Best method pole at 9 & 11m fish 4m soft hookers. Pellet, corn, and meat feed 4m pellets every put in.

Robbie’s Pool

This pool has 24 pegs around it and will fish well all the Year around, some large Carp to 18lbs lots of good quality silver fish with the odd good Tench and Perch.
Best method fish down the edge with corn, meat or paste.
In the winter months fish caster & maggot on the pole. On the tip with a little maggot feeder, to catch good quality Roach and lots of Skimmers.

The Match Lake

This water has 49 pegs around it and has good access for disabled anglers.
The spring of 2014 saw the start of a stocking programme with 1500 common and mirror carp introduced to this water.
Also in 2018 2000 F1’S were introduced to the water.
The Match Lake has a good stock of big Carp up to 18lbs
Stocked with a lot of good quality Roach and Bream and can be good winter water for the silvers fish, using caster.
Summertime its Carp Carp and more Carp fish past down the edge keep feeding micros pellets or try the pellet waggler feeding 8m pellets 4 or 5 at a time and fish banded 8m halfway across.
For the younger members fish 16m pole up in the water feeding pellet and using pellet on the hook.
The 5-hour match record stands at 253lbs set in 2011 by Alex Hulme, all on pole and pellet.

Gibbo’s Pool

The best junior water the club has lots of silverfish and Carp this water has good wheelchair access for our disabled members with a special staging to fish from.
There are 14 good stages to fish from this is a good winter water for the silverfish any peg well do fish maggot and caster or the small feeder
In the summer months fish down the edge for big carp up to 18lbs, fish pellet or paste.

The Specimen Lake

Some very big Carp in this water up to 20lbs+ fishes well all the year around lots of 4lbs+ Chub Tench Bream Barbel.
This water has 29 stages around it and has a large island to fish to the best pegs are 16 to 26 fish pellet waggler to the island for good chub feeding 8m pellet and fishing 8m banded pellet or down the edge for big Carp using past feeding pellet

Stacey’s Pool

Following the netting of the Match Lake in December 2012 around 1,000lb of the larger carp, up to 20lb in weight, were moved to Stacey pool. In 2018 1900 small F1’S and several hundred silverfish were introduced to this water to make it a well-mixed fishing water.
New rules were introduced for this water to protect the fish. As there is no night fishing allowed, bivvys are not permitted.
The full set of rules for Stacey’s can be found on a noticeboard by the pool


1. All anglers over 12 MUST have a current E.A rod license.
2. Strictly BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY. No micro barbed hooks or pinching of barbs.
No double hooking.
3. Maximum size hook 12
4. All feeders and bombs must be free running to a bead.
5. No floating pole, bubble floats or rattlers of any description.
6. The floating feeder or any derivation of such is not permitted.
7. All fish over 4oz MUST be landed by a net.
8. No braided line for mainline or hook-lengths.
9. Unused bait must not be thrown into the water or on the bank after fishing.
10. The feeding of floating baits is not permitted.
10. No tins allowed on the banks of the fishery.
12. No floating baits - Pop-up baits are allowed with a maximum 12-inch tail.
13. Feeder floats or any derivation of such is not permitted.
The maximum width of the top of a waggler is one inch.
14. Only one rod or pole to be in use at a time unless on Stacy’s Pool where two rods can be used.
15. Fishing from 6.00 a.m till dusk. The Complex is closed to anyone before 6.00 a.m.
Banned Baits: - Nuts, peas, beans, bloodworm & joker, cat or dog meat.
Groundbait: - A maximum of 1 kilo to be introduced by pole pot, feeder or
inline method feeder only.
Pellets: - Only the fishery carp pellets sold on site can be used for
The Maximum size for feeding is 8mm
You may use your own hooker pellets; Max size 10mm
Hook Baits Only, not to be fed: - Micro boilies; Max size 10mm, Macaroni Cheese

Location map

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