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Grange Fishery


This water contains a large head of carp from 4 ounces up to 18 pounds. This water fishes well all year round but is known to flood during the winter months.
known species Tench,Roach,Rudd,Chub,and perch.

Access and car parking suitable for disabled members.


No wading or swimming.
No dogs allowed.
No fires.
Bait bans no boillies, dog and cat meat..
No radios
Barbless hooks only .Maximum hook size 12.
No Braided line allowed.
No night fishing allowed.
Fishing from dawn till dusk.
Fishing from stagings only.
One rod only allowed.
Keep nets must be emptied every 5 hours.
Keep net ban from the 1st March to 16th June.
All litter to be taken home with you.
Anyone leaving litter will be dealt with as club rules.
Anglers under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
All anglers MUST have a current E.A rod license.
Parking in car park provided.
All Vehicles must display a club car sticker.
Gates to be kept locked at all times.

All sightings of any cormorants on club waters MUST be reported to The Border Office Telephone 01270 820812.

Location map

  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery
  • Grange Fishery