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Primrose pool

October 10th 2009
View of Primrose Pool
Alan, Daz and I arrived at the venue just as dawn was breaking, the pool was a beautiful sight with not a ripple on the mirror like surface. There are about a dozen pegs on this pool, about half of which are fishable due to the lily beds at one end of the pond, this doesn’t seem to be a problem as on the two occasions we have fished here we haven’t seen a sole. Alan and I were struggling we had not brought a fish to our nets by midday Daz meanwhile had caught 5 Carp of about 1lb each. It was about this time there was an almighty crash from the direction of Daz the back leg of his fishing chair had slipped off the platform and he had done an Olympic class backward roll into the water. As he pored the water from his wellies I bet you could hear the laughter on the River Dane. This somewhat curtailed the fishing but as we were packing up a Buzzard landed on the field gatepost, one last sight on a morning to remember on this lovely venue.

January 29th 2007
This is my first visit to a BMAC water & was really pleased with the set up of the pool. Good
sized solid stages, dipping tanks for your nets, not a scrap of litter in sight and an overall appearance of place that looks as if it's been properly maintained.
After plumbing up I decided on feeding two pole lines at 9m, one in open water, which I constantly fed 3 - 4 maggots & castors every other put in. My other line was close to a patch of lillies, this was initally fed with about 20 grains of hemp & 3 - 4 grains of corn, then fed every 15 mins with 6 - 8 grains of hemp & a grain of corn.
I started fishing about 10am & for 1/2 hour was getting very small roach every put in, the bites suddenly became less frequent but the stamp of fish had increased, & I was getting small carp, cruicians,goldfish & skimmers on both maggot & castor. After 3 hours on this line I moved onto the other line with a grain of corn. Two put ins resulted in 2 small carp then nothing on corn, so I tried on seed which gave me a 2 - 4 oz roach every put in. I swapped from line to line until the end of my session at 2:30pm ending up with a mixed bag over 12lb. I was more than pleased with this in the middle of winter on an unfamiliar venue.
Steve Brown Primrose Pool