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October 2009
October Bollin TroutOctober Bollin Trout
This river is getting more and more productive as time progresses. Above are the latest two caught by one of our coarse fisherman.  The happy angler is one Graham Ingham, the fish  are one cock and one hen.

May 31st 2009
The river Bollin, what more can I say, it speaks for it self. These images show the stretch from the bridge to the water works which, in my opinion, is the best stretch holding chub up to 4lb and trout over 5lb with good bags of dace also. Using cheese flavored maggot I find this water fishes best late summer afternoons and because I work in Altrincham it's only five minuets away in an evening and gives great sport .Nigel, the bailiff, works hard with Ernie on maintaining this water  i.e. stocking, bailiffing, scrub clearing and feeding of the fish, to create this little but good fishing heaven.
Peter shuff
BollinRiver BollinRiver Bollin

May 16th 2009
The River bollin at Bowden is fishing well to fly. Brown Trout showing to three pounds and small dace plus the odd Chubb  has also turned up to the fly. It may not be a chalk stream but the Bollin has some cracking fish in it. Slide down the low bank and cast your fly across the deep holes.
A large pike as been seen between the road bridge and the sewage works so if you fish this stretch and it seems a bit quiet you will know why. Peter Shuff
River BollinRiver BollinRiver Bollin

May 16th 2009

Bollin at Bowden

This year seems to be a little more productive;  a couple of the regulars down here are pretty regularly taking a couple of brownies per visit.  On one occasion the fish taken was only a youngster of 3-4 ounces which seems to point to fact that they are breeding on the river or close by.  This leads me on to something else I've noticed over the past few months - there are a couple of areas of gravel building up, one under the bridge and the other on the Warrington bank opposite the out-flow at the UU Pump Station.
In this area also there have been reports of a pike some say in the double figures, disturbing news as this also happens to be the area where the Dace were released in Jan of this year.  These incidentally are also rising to a dry fly on occasion.  Any further news will be forwarded as it crops up.  Nigel Rogers

December 27th 2008
Boolin Trout
I have just received the attached photo from Dominic, of his brother Cas, who caught this rather nice specimen of a brown trout in the Bollin at Bowdon. Now I am quite well aware that the game season is at a close at the moment, but if you are fishing for course fish I'm not too sure of the effect of a notice saying "NO TROUT" just above the hook would have.  No - joking aside to say that there has been a scarcity of reports from the Bollin would be somewhat of an understatement, so this is a welcome bit of Christmas news.   I'm sorry but apart from the date - 26 Dec 08 - I'm afraid I have no further details as to the weight or length of the fish, and apart from the fact that it looks to be healthy and was returned, obviously I can add no moore.
Ni Rogers
Game Fishery Officer

September 4th 2005
Ellie Botham with a trout

Peter and Ellie Botham fished the Bollin for a couple of hours today landing three trout with average weights of two pounds. The fish were caught on maggot feeder fishing from peg three on the bend and casting into the centre. They found it hard going for the first hour which could have been due to the mink they spotted on the opposite bank. As well as the mink they had a cormorant in the water, luckily they managed to scare the pair of them off. Twenty minutes later they started to get bites. (it's always time to leave when this happens). Peter feels that this water has a lot of potential, holding much larger fish than those they caught today, and would love to see reports and pics from others.

July 9th 2005
Robin on a rodOne of the reasons I recently rejoined the Bay Malton was because they have a stretch of the Bollin which is only ten minutes away from where I live so nothing could be more convenient. However my first visit, a couple of weeks ago, I did not find the place conducive and left without exploring, Perhaps it was the mood I was in. This visit I walked the full length of our stretch coming to the conclusion that to fish almost anywhere you would need waders, or a very long handle on your landing net. It could be that the Bollin is low at the moment. I hope that is the case.
Finally I decided to fish at the car park and thought it was going to be my day: I had three Trout in the first ninety minutes, thereafter, nothing. When I go next I will take worms and maggot and trot as against ledger. The only other sign I saw of a fish was a huge orange thing (Orf?) zigzagging its way upstream. At least the Robin kept me amused, together with a large bird of prey circling, most of the day, some way beyond the first bend.
For myself, I will have to reserve judgement on the river Bollin. P.C.